RSS Feeds

Really Simple Syndication is a popular technology for notifying users of updates to content in a website, blog, or internet TV channel. RSS is a supplemental communication method that does not burden you with maintaining lists or following strict privacy guidelines.

RSS feeds are compiled according to the user's choices, removing any burden that is placed on publishers of email newsletters. Publishers no longer need to be concerned with spam, privacy policies, and age guidelines.

The greatest benefit to RSS is that individuals opt-in to content of interest, totally controlling the flow of information that they receive allowing users to view and scan multiple content streams in a timely fashion.

RSS Feeds Include:

  • Blog Feeds
  • Article Feeds
  • Forum Feeds
  • Schedule Feeds
  • Discounts, Coupons, and Specials Feed
  • Industry Specific Feeds
  • News Feeds

Dramatically improve the search engine optimization of your web pages.  Improve the search engine page rank of your web pages.  Dramatically increase the amount of search engine traffic you receive.  Provide you with new sources of traffic independent of web search engines.  Provide you with a more efficient way to deliver your newsletter to subscribers and increase the number of subscribers.   Significantly increase your rate of repeat business.

Why Use RSS Feeds?

  • Provide fresh and relevant content on your website, which encourages users to return
  • Constantly changing content means that search engine spiders will visit more frequently
  • Automate content delivery
  • Disseminate relevant information
  • Increases exposure in niche markets
  • Communicate with your customer base at the same time as reaching potential customers via an alternate communication method