Gate-fold brochures

Gate-Fold BrochureGate-fold brochures are not very common; this is why they produce great impact when they are appropriately used.

These brochures are usually large and costly, so they are intended for high-impacting marketing.

The standard gate-fold brochure is a quad-LTR page folded in four as it’s shown on the left, which results in 8 panels: 1 front panel, 1 back panel, and 6 internal panels; however, this configuration can be changed. The most interesting feature of this type of brochure is that they arrange very wide graphs.

These brochures are usually printed in high-quality paper to ensure a long lifetime and that it will reach the hands of the target audience. Viewers tend to keep them for more time than other brochures, which increases the public awareness of the brand and allows the possibility of being handed over to other people in case the first person is not interested in the contents.

They are excellent for the presentation of institutions, companies and high-end products and services.