Bi-fold brochures

Bi-Fold BrochureBi-fold brochures are found among us every day: they are one of the most common brochure types.

These brochures are economical to print since they are usually a double LTR print folded in half. This folding forms 4 panels: a front-cover, a back-cover, and two internal panels. However, there are other configurations: 8-page, 12-page, 16-page and so on.

The front panel works as the front-page, and its main purpose is to introduce the piece and to cause the necessary intrigue or impact to make the viewer want to open it and read the contents.

The inside panels are usually reserved for content, while the back-cover is used for contact information; of course this can change.

They are more formal than tri-fold brochures, and are intended for product presentations, catalogues, institutional introductions, etc.

Bi-fold brochures can also work as folders in which you can place inserts depending on the prospective interests: this is ideal for trade shows, for example.

Large bi-fold brochures have a long lifetime, and are usually read in more detail than small tri-folds.